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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kiss the Garbage

The title may sound weird,but this is what I witnessed.I'm talking about a fortune 100 company and a company led by the worlds richest guy.Itz none other than Microsoft-India development centre in hyderabad.I read in an artcile few days back that many Tech companies are adopting green campuses.I was amazed by the fact that microsoft office was green,but they have dumped all the sewage just outside the office.It was like a pool of garbage stinking and threatening to overflow due to rain.The miserable part is many petty shops are just adjacent to the sewage pool.I could see people taking a puff there and even eat those junk foods.Then why won't swine flu and other deadly disease spread around.I feel ashamed to say this,as I pass by that place every single day.

Guess what,they have accepted the concept of green IT and they have spoiled the surrounding environment.Isn't it unfair,what will poor nature do when someone is purposely dumping sewage.keeping the campus green dosent show that your taking part in this global drive to go green,but you should keep the surrounding clean as well.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

About My Blog

21st Century and Global Warming
As Human beings we plan things before we enact them in to reality,but since its inception billions of years ago planet Earth has been shattered and battered by human beings.It was man who discovered all those things which we enjoy in our day to day life.But all these things where created and innovated in such a manner that they harm our planet Earth.As human beings of 21st century people have started to realize the importance of protecting our environment as it would endanger millions of people.Last night i learnt a news from NASA that in the last 5 years 2.5 trillions tonnes of ice have melted.People may thing its just 2.5 trillion,but the aftermath its going to have on this civilization is unavoidable.As educated citizens of this planet we got to change the way we look at our environment and work towards in protecting it.

To ensure that we live in a safe planet,we got to do certain things which are enlisted below
A) Plan things in such a manner that its not going to have adverse effect on the surroundings(It includes factories,emission from vehicle and reducing the usage of gasoline)
B) Educate your friends and neighbors that they should participate in this global campaign to save Earth
C) Terrorism can be prevented by man,but the impact of global climate change cannot be prevented by anyone

I wish all the people good luck in this campaign to save this planet from the sabotage its facing